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We have exactly what you need if you're thirsty or for home brewing.

Brew Your

Own Beer

We have exactly what you need for home brewing.

Offering High-Quality Equipment for Beer Brewing

At Steampunk Brew Works in Town and Country, MO, we dedicate ourselves to customer satisfaction. Count on us to provide you the supplies you need in achieving the finest brew you have been aiming for.

Your Source for Home Brewing Supplies

There is no better feeling than that moment of satisfaction after you take the first swig of a drink you handcrafted. At Steampunk Brew Works, we have been happily serving home brewers and winemakers for 32 years!

Whether you are looking for ingredients or knowledge, we are committed to helping you make the perfect beverage.

What We Do

Our premise is simple: provide high-quality tools, fresh ingredients, and outstanding customer service for brewers of all skill levels—new beer makers, weekend vintners, and even masters of all things fermented!

We have a wide variety of both beer and wine making supplies, along with years of expertise to get you started with your next home brewing project.

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