We hate those annoying cookie pop-ups that warn you that they are going to use cookies and that they are going to shove them down your throat, and share them with their business partners, and the rest of the world.  Oh and we hate that you can't turn them off or opt out.

Here's how we feel:

Our site, like every other website, uses cookies.  We don't use browser cookies, or other tracking technologies such as pixel trackers, web beacons or nano-bots, or intergalactic goo to track your shopping on other websites, or who you talk to, or what you had for breakfast - we don't care.  We only use them to help you place your order on our website and track your preferences on our site. We don't collect any information from you that you don't put into placing an order.  We also don't share any cookie info with anyone else except paypal, but that is to manage the transaction so that you can pay for your order.

Having said that we use the Woocommerce platform and we don't have much control over what happens behind the scenes or with the 30 plugins that interact with the website.  We hope they don't do anything with the cookies used that you don't want.

Apologies that we didn't have a pop up to annoy you.  Luckily we have this page to visit and if you're still reading it means you found it congratulations.