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Our Approach

We like beer and we like a lot of different kinds of beer so our plan is to have 6 different rotating taps and a few guest taps.

Our Story

It all started in 1988 when Dave got the itch to learn to make beer and wine.  He found out some friends were making wine and was fascinated with the idea.  Then he discovered that he could also make beer, which he loved even more.  This hobby lead this computer programmer/cook to his buying St. Louis Wine & Beermaking in 2006.  Those of you who don't know: it's every homebrewers dream to own a homebrew supply shop or their own brewery.

In 2015 Dave decided it would be a cool idea to put a microbrewery inside St. Louis Wine & Beermaking.  After some research he applied for the Brewers Notice (the federal license to make beer) in January of 2016.  By June the federal approval came in and the City of Town and Country approval was close behind, followed by the State of Missouri and County of St. Louis. Yes we needed 4 licenses to make beer, and another 3 to sell it!

Fast forward past all the construction drama and we're hoping to be open in late February or March 2017.  We're looking forward to being the first brewery ever in Town and Country!

Meet the Team

The team is pretty small right now it's mostly just Dave with some help from friends and the staff at St. Louis Wine & Beermaking, as well as some good advice and help from Jerid Saffell from Heavy Riff.

It's our hope that this section will fill out over time.


Dave Deaton

Founder & CEO

wearing many hats

Short bio coming soon.

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Assistant Brewer

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