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Our Approach

We like beer and we like a lot of different kinds of beer and we like to show others how to make good beer.  So, our plan for the brewery was to have 6 different rotating taps and a few guest taps.  In practice people came to try just our beer so the guest taps gave way to house taps.  We now have 10 rotating taps!  For a 3 BBL brewery with a 12-seat bar that’s a bit ambitious.  If we’re being honest it’s a bit crazy.

We also love to teach people how to make beer, always have, so if you have any interest in how beer is made just ask us.  If you would like to make some we can help you with that too!  We have a pretty good track record of providing a good environment for people to learn to make great beer.  We can’t claim all the credit but we’d like to think we helped quite a few of our customers who have gone on to start their own breweries such as: Heavy Riff Brewing Co., Alpha Brewing, Third Wheel, Exit 6, Two Plumbers, Standard Brewing, 3 Little Birds, Point Labadie Brewing, Center Ice, 2nd Shift, Earthbound Brewing, Bluewood Brewing, Modern Brewing, Hopskeller Brewing Company, Well Spent, Good News, Friendship Brewing, and more in planning.  (Apologies to anyone we’ve missed)

Our Story

If you have been home brewing for some time, you may know that our store has had a lot of history in St. Louis. As far back as we know, sometime in the mid-1970s, we were used to be known as Wine-Art of St. Louis.
Fun fact: much like the price of gas, in the earlier days, you could get a gallon jug for less than a buck.
In the mid 1980’s home wine making was a niche hobby then, and beermakers were hard to find. However, after a change of ownership and name, we briefly became Bacchus & Barleycorn, Ltd.
In 1990, we experienced another change of ownership when Koelle and Roy Paris, avid wine and beer enthusiasts, purchased the store.
Our location back then was on Clayton Rd, a lot closer to St. Louis. The name was changed to St. Louis Wine & Beermaking and we moved to the Lamp and Lantern Village in Town and Country in 1990.
A fiercely loyal following developed, and luckily too as the store was tucked away into a corner that was not easy to find.
The business grew into St. Louis’ only real source for wine and beer making knowledge, ingredients, and equipment.
In 2006, current owner David Deaton bought the store and the home brewing movement was really taking off. Those of you who don't know: it's every homebrewers dream to own a homebrew supply shop or their own brewery.

By 2009, we had outgrown our space and needed to look at the daunting task of relocating.  We were lucky that a larger space was available in the Lamp and Lantern Village. More importantly, it was easier to find! We finished the move Thanksgiving week, and not a moment too soon as the holiday rush was on.

In 2015 Dave decided it would be a cool idea to put a microbrewery inside St. Louis Wine & Beermaking.  After some research he applied for the Brewers Notice (the federal license to make beer) in January of 2016.  By June the federal approval came in and the City of Town and Country approval was close behind, followed by the State of Missouri and County of St. Louis. Yes we needed 4 licenses to make beer, and another 3 to sell it!

Fast forward past all the construction drama and we opened in late May of 2017.  We're proud to the first brewery ever in Town and Country!

In 2019 we unified St. Louis Wine & Beermaking and Steampunk Brew Works together under one name: Steampunk Brew Works and Homebrew Supply.

Today, we continue to offer a huge variety of wine and beer home brewing ingredients, equipment and supplies from around the world. We could not have done it without continued support from amazing customers such as you. Our sincerest thank you for your support!